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Analysis of Biological Risks and Training on Bio-safety


PhD. Mayra Ramos Lima and PhD. Ernestina Solórzano


  • To guarantee the Biological Safety in those processes implying inter-oceanic transport of living modified organisms (MLOs) of exotic invading species and identifying, assessment and management of biological risks installations of human health, animal health, biotechnological and of phyto- sanitary.

Addressed to:

  • Analysis of Biological Risks and the Training on Bio-safety
  • Specialists who, according to their working profiles, should implement the Cartagena Protocol and consequently make decisions in relation to the releasing into the environment or to the trans-border movement of exotic species and sub-products derived from biotechnological processes, or those who handle biological agents of the different risks levels in installations of human health, animal health, biotechnological and of phyto- sanitary. This service is also addressed to firms, industry and public institutions having biological risk processes and which operation may imply environmental risks.

Potential benefits:

Guarantees the safety management of non-exotic genetically modified biological agents, and legitimates the implementation of the Cartagena Protocol on Biotechnology Safety. It characterizes and grades the biological risks in biologically dangerous institutions and
identifies affected bio-safety principles and their corresponding solutions. The service also designs the bio-safety management strategy in those installations with biological risks and permits the assessment of biological risks perception of the working staff, which may serve as a diagnose of the existing safety culture at the installation. At the same time the service improves staff qualification at the higher level for the future work.

Services offered:

  • Orderly identification of biological dangers according to their associated risks. 100-180 days, depending on the installation complication.
  • Biological risks analysis of biological danger installation making use of matrixes of depending basic bio-safety principles (with control approach or base on check lists). It also includes studies on systems interdependence and on the relation systems-principles. SECURE software is applied. 100-180 days, depending on the installation complication and the type of matrix applied.
  • Assessment of the staff biological risks perception in installations with associated risks. The RISKPERCEP software is applied. 30-100 days depending on the staff related to the exploitation and the bio-safety practices carried out in the installation. It supports the design of the bio-safety management system, based on the outcomes of the previous analyses.
  • Analysis of Biological Risks and the Training on Bio-safety

Advisory and Consultancy:

  • On Biological Safety issues in those processes implying transport of living modified organisms (MLOs).
  • In risks management resulting from the introduction of exotic species.
  • In the management of biological risks in installations of human health, animal health, biotechnological and of phyto- sanitary.
  • To carry out (optional collaborative work with the client) and/or results interpretation (option key in hand) of the previous technical services, or the implementation of the optimization applications to different areas stemming from the same.

Formation and Training:

  • “Just as you need it Course” (10 days)
  • Diploma Course on Bio-safety (seven full-time weeks and five part-time months).
  • Master Degree Course (a full-time year, including the period of the thesis writing and defending)
  • Training courses on applying the different softwares mentioned above and / or their derived applications (40 hours per code)

General considerations:

Once a service is required, contractual agreements will be established with the client, which will consider at least the necessary requirements in documents, technical and materials, of quality guaranty, training requisites, license and property protection requirements.

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