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Services in Medical Physics


PhD. Rodolfo Alfonso Laguardia and PhD. Oscar Díaz Rizo


  • To develop integrated services in medical physics, as well as advice on the installation and assembling of specialized facilities in this area.
  • Preparation of specialized personnel in medical physics services.

Addressed to:

  • Clinics, hospitals and medical physics services that require these servicing and consulting.

Technical Services:

  • Accepting and setting out radiation therapy equipment.
    • Linear accelerators (3D-CRT, IMRT, IGRT, IORT, SRS, SBRT).
    • Tele-therapy machines.
    • Brachy-therapy equipment.
    • Roentgen-therapy equipment.
    • CT and CT-simulators.
    • Computerized planning systems (TPS).
  • Accepting and setting out Nuclear medicine equipment.
    • Planar and tommo-graphic gamma camera (SPECT).
    • PET-CT.
    • SPECT-CT.
  • Implementing quality assurance programs in radiotherapy services and nuclear medicine.
  • Running annual Quality Controls of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine equipment.
    • Preparation of Security reports for Licensing Service of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine.
      • Safety equipment manuals.
      • Development of Radiological Emergency Plans.
      • Assessment of patient dose in accidental events.
      • Safety Evaluation.
    • Remote planning of 3D image-based radiotherapy treatment.
    • Quality Audits in Radiotherapy Services and Nuclear Medicine.

Technical Consulting:

  • Designing of the departments of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine.
    • Needs assessment of equipment and human resources.
    • Preparation of technical specifications of specialized equipment.
    • Bidding process and technical bid analysis.
    • Design of bunkers and shielding calculations.
    • Analysis of health care costs.
    • Strategies for development.
  • Design of academic programs and clinical training.
    • Master’s Programs in Medical Physics.
    • Diploma Programs in Physics of Radiation Therapy or Nuclear Medicine.
    • Clinical training programs (residencies) for medical physicists in radiotherapy and nuclear medicine.
    • Training programs to Radio-therapy Technologists in Clinical Dosimetry (dosimetrists).
  • Designing quality assurance programs in radiotherapy services and nuclear medicine.
    • Analysis of instrument necessities.
    • Development of technical specifications for instrumentation.
    • Bidding process and technical bid analysis.

Education and Training:

Master's Programme in Medical Physics.
Diploma Programs: Physics of Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation protection in medical practices.

Postgraduate courses in specific areas of Medical Physics: Dosimetry Calibration of radiotherapy sources and beams; Dosimetry Protocols (Practice codes); Monte Carlo -Techniques in Medical Physics; Quality Assurance in Radiation Therapy; Quality Assurance in Nuclear Medicine; Quality Control advanced techniques (IMRT, IGRT, PET-CT, 4D-CT, SRS, SBRT, SPECT-CT); Dosimetry of small beams; Computerized treatment planning; Image Processing Techniques in Nuclear Medicine; Internal Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine; Calculation of shielding in medical facilities; Radiation protection of the patient; Quality Audits; Risk analysis in the medical use of ionizing radiation.


Once a service is selected the customer will establish contractual agreements considering at least the technical, material and documentary requirements, quality assurance, training requirements, licensing requirements and property protection.

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