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The Higher Institute of Technologies and Applied Sciences is located in the capital of Cuba, Havana's largest and most populous city of the Cuban archipelago.

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Address: Quinta de los Molinos, Salvador Allende and Luaces Ave, Revolution Square, Havana, Cuba.

The INSTEC and its main buildings


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Description of our main


    Building Chain /        Chain Building /     Faculty of Science and        Faculty of Environment and

     First Floor             Second Floor     Nuclear Technologies (FCTN)    other premises


To guarantee a strong, comprehensive and consistent formation of professionals who may reach a high preparation on basic sciences, a great performance in using their knowledge and an outstanding specialization on issues related to safety, risks and the management of science and technology; who may also be attached to their social responsibility. To promote and divulge research projects, technological and innovation enhancements so as to contribute in creative way to the transformation of the Cuban society.



Ours is a credited university of science and technology with significant values in well-recognized indicators and with strong and successful links with national and international excellence-ranked institutions which have great and real impacts in high-priority fields for the scientific, technological and social development of the country. Our university has also achieved an effective interrelation of the academic and investigative components with issues related to the sustainable development.

Quinta de los Molinos The School of Nuclear Sciences and Technologies (FCTN, by its Spanish acronyms) was founded on March 9th, 1981, by means of a resolution passed by the Rector of Havana University. Then on the 23rd July, 1987, an agreement act enforced by the Executive Committee of the Ministry Counsel of the Cuban Republic, The School of Nuclear Sciences and Technologies changed its name to Higher Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (ISCTN by its Spanish acronyms), thus reaching a major rank, the institution joined to the Executive Secretariat of Nuclear Affairs. Being created the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in 1994, the ISCTN was directly subordinated to it. The Resolution 379 of July 21st, 2003, passed by the Ministry of Economy and Planning, in its first paragraph changed the name of ISCTN to Higher Institute of Technology and Applied Sciences (InSTEC) by its Spanish acronyms. As part of the improvement process of structuring, designing and functioning of the Organisms of the State Central Administration, the Agreement 7115 of the Executive Committee of the Ministry Counsel of September 23rd, 2011, subordinately joined the InSTEC to the Ministry of Higher Education (MES) by its Spanish acronyms.

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