Inicio About the Admission Licentiateship Nuclear Technology Engineering and Energy

Nuclear engineering is the practical application of atomic nuclei treated by the principles of Chemistry and Nuclear Physics and the interaction between radiation and matter. This field of engineering includes the design, analysis, development, testing, operation and maintenance of the systems and components of nuclear fission, specifically nuclear reactors, power plants producing electricity through nuclear energy transformation and nuclear weapons. This engineering field may also include nuclear safety, licensing facilities, heat and mass transport (thermohydraulics), nuclear fuels technology, nuclear proliferation, nuclear chemistry, radioactive waste management and radioactive environments.

List of universities offering nuclear engineering courses in Spanish:


Balseiro Institute, an academic unit of the National University of Cuyo. Nuclear Engineering (major), specialization in technological applications of nuclear engineering (graduate), Master of Engineering with specialization in Nuclear Engineering (graduate) and PhD in nuclear engineering (graduate).


  • University of the State of Mexico, Master of Nuclear Science.
  • National Autonomous University of Mexico, Master's and Ph.D. in Nuclear Power Systems.
  • National Autonomous University of Mexico, Masters in nuclear physics.
  • National Polytechnic Institute, MS in Nuclear Engineering.
  • National Nuclear Research Institute Nuclear Engineering.