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The Higher Institute of Technologies and Applied Sciences (INSTEC), is a center of great importance for the country, a university advanced within the Cuban Higher Education by having a faculty senior scientist backed by the quality of teaching, the relevance research, scientific production and its national and international accreditation.

For more than 30 years of existence, the Institute of Technology and Applied Sciences has developed as one of the most prestigious institutions of our country, in the professional training of nuclear technologies and more recently, atmospheric sciences.

Currently at the center develops college prep races:

In INSTEC develop doctorates and masters graduates, specialties and other postgraduate activities.

Admission to the teaching of higher education for the specialties that are developed at our institution is performed by passing proficiency examinations in the subjects of Physics and Chemistry, and the development of practical skills and logical, by applying Mental Test. After having passed the examinations, only the student must take the entrance examinations to higher education and approve.