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Management Assessment, Environmental Policies and Strategies


PhD. Barbara Garea Moreda and PhD. Carlos Gomez Gutierrez.


To enlarge capacities to solve problems related to environmental sustainability, at corporative, entrepreneurial, territorial and community levels

Addressed to:

  • Enterprise, industries, corporations and public institutions that need to develop and implement environmental management and achieve sustainability according to their social responsibility.
  • Territories and communities that are projected to perfect environmental governance and design innovative strategies towards sustainability.

Potential benefits:

  • Providing tools and methodologies for environmental, comprehensive and efficient management, contributing to the establishment of policies, strategies, programs and plans aimed at achieving sustainability in the development of territories and / or companies.
  • Improving quality of life and work and social environment in firms, territories, communities and beneficiaries of services.
  • Training managers, specialists and other stakeholders in the development of action plans and measures for environmental management and sustainability indicators in firms, industry, public institutions, territories, urban and rural communities.

Services offered:

  • Integrated environmental assessment of a region, country or ecosystem, starting from the identification of the driving forces of environmental changes, impacts on ecosystems and human well-being and their interrelationships; establishing comprehensive and innovative solutions that contribute to environmental governance including the enlarged participation and responsibility of the different actors.
  • Development and implementation of strategies and programs focused on sustainability at the community level with the participation of local actors. It can be implemented in small rural or urban communities.
  • Environmental-economic evaluation of methods and alternative management and control of invasive exotic-species affecting the natural environment and biodiversity in an area, nature reserve or ecosystem. Additional services may be needed for the biological evaluation of the species.
  • Characterization, mapping and assessment of natural resources of a country or region. Identifying its potential goods and services and the measures required for best utilization in a sustainable way.
  • Diagnosis of environmental problems present in a company. Identification of economic, social, technological or other factors that determine its presence and possible courses of action to overcome them.
  • Diagnosis of needs and scope of environmental management systems, integrated quality, health and environment policies and / or environmental enterprise or corporate level management strategies.
  • Technology needs assessment for the solution of environmental problems such as pollution, feces, management and / or utilization of waste and the introduction of clean technologies.

Education and training:

  • Short courses in the following subjects: Fundamentals of environmental management; Environmental economics; Content and scope of sustainable development (in two options, businesses and territories); Integrated and strategic environmental assessments; Urban environmental management; Geographic Information Systems; Cleaner production and eco-innovation; Corporate environmental management and community social and environmental development. (up to 30 hours).
  • Course to get a Diploma in environmental land management (180 hours).
  • Course to get a Diploma in Corporate Environmental Management (180 hours).
  • Course to get a Master of Science in Environmental Management.


Once a service is selected the customer establishes contractual agreements, which at least consider the documentary, technical and material requirements, quality assurance, training requirements, licensing requirements and property protection.

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