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Management of plant biomass (agricultural surplus and waste biomass) for energy purposes Treatment


PhD. Maria Elena Montesino Otero and PhD. Alfredo Curbelo Alonso


  • To assess, diagnose, advise and design systems for the management and treatment of plant biomass: agricultural surplus and residual biomass to use for energy purposes.
  • Ensure the preparation of human resources for the stated actions.

Addressed to:

  • Firms, industries, communities and public institutions interested in benefiting from their waste to recover energy and / or nutrients.

Potential benefits:

  • Management of plant biomass (agricultural surplus and waste biomass) for energy purposes treatment Having efficient management systems and / or treatment of plant biomass (agricultural surpluses and forestry residues, agricultural, livestock and urban) for energy purposes. 
  • Sustainable production of electricity and / or heat for own use or to supply the electrical network.
  • Reducing the l impact caused by organic waste on the environment and minimize emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Reducing costs associated with the operations of the plant biomass management (collection, transportation, sorting, etc.).
  • Promotion of energy-efficient businesses and communities that make better use of local resources.
  • Promoting rational use of energy through training, education and dissemination.
  • Training of managers, specialists and workers in the design, management and operation of effective systems for the and / or treatment of plant biomass for energy purposes in firms, industry, urban management or rural areas or communities.

Services offered:

  • Technical evaluation, quantification and characterization of plant biomass available in firms, industry, urban or rural areas or communities. 20 days after delivery of data.
  • Design and / or selection of the technology to be used, determining the working capacity of the installation based on the available biomass and customer needs. 30-90 days.
  • Evaluation of the feasibility and benefits of the possible uses of plant biomass for the production of electricity and / or heat. Process Optimization 20- 45 days.
  • Life cycle analysis of products of the main costs and environmental impacts in order to make improvements and process optimization. 30-45 days.
  • Setting out systems and plants for the treatment of plant biomass.
  • Evaluation of the technology to be used for the treatment of biomass for energy purposes.
  • Implementation of management systems, treatment and / or use of the final products
  • Management of plant biomass (agricultural surplus and waste biomass) for energy purposes treatment

Education and training:

  • Training Courses according to customer needs.
  • Training, education and dissemination on the rational use of energy, with emphasis on the use of renewable energies 40 hours.
  • Courses of energy management systems for plant biomass 40 hours.


Once a service is selected the customer will establish contractual agreements, considering at least the technical, material and documentary requirements, the quality assurance, training requirements, licensing requirements and property protection.

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